Frequently Asked Questions
What benefits will I receive by conducting a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey of all Auxiliary Services?
  1. Tracking student satisfaction helps you continuously sharpen your competitive edge. The collegiate environment is becoming more competitive and students expect more from all aspects of their college experience, including campus auxiliary services. You will be able to deliver on student expectations.
  2. You can better allocate scarce resources across service areas and create the greatest positive impact on your campus. It helps you maximize the ROI on your investment dollars.
  3. You will have the hard data that is essential for both strategic and tactical decisions.
  4. This assessment supports your commitment to operational excellence and to continuous improvement.

How is this service unique from other customer satisfaction services?
We measure importance and satisfaction across multiple functions. Most customer satisfaction measurement is only done within each service, so it's done in a bit of a vacuum. You have to make resource allocation decisions across functions so our results directly support the way you make decisions.

What if I have very unique services on my campus?
We will customize the survey to address your unique services and your unique business challenges.

How long does it take to conduct a comprehensive survey?
The exact timeframe is dependent upon the uniqueness and complexity of your business needs, but generally a study can be completed within 8-10 weeks.

How much will the service cost?
The cost varies depending on how many services are evaluated, but you will find OnCampus Research is very reasonable compared to others. Contact OnCampus Research for a free quote.